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Websites for Tire Wholesale Distributors

Turnkey B2B solution that allows dealers to go online 24/7, look at the inventory of their distributor or wholesaler, and purchase products electronically through a secure internet link.

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Quick Inventory Lookup

We have tire and wheel galleries showing pictures, features, benefits, and product details on over 80,000 tires and 40,000 wheels. Our Inventory Search gives your dealers the flexibility to search your inventory by size, manufacturer item number, warehouse item number, use our built in vehicle fitment, search by manufacturer, group, and more.

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Search Results

The search results are completely customizable. Each dealer can resort the lookup to how they prefer to display the search results. They can sort the results by item #, size, description, manufacturer, on hand quantity, cost price or retail price. They can click to see the item details which displays a picture of the tire, and individual specifications like item, size, manufacturer, group, part number, width, aspect ratio, rim size, and over 50 features such as UTQG, warranty, run flat, traction/tread wear rating, bolt pattern, lugs/diameter, offset, finish and more. Providing your customers real time pricing and inventory levels with the tools they need to sell products to their customers is critical.

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Built In Vehicle Fitment Data

Tire Guru offers Fitment Group's Enhanced Data Solution with substantially more vehicles and complete sub model coverage, original equipment, original equipment optional, plus and minus sizing for tires and wheels, complete Canadian vehicle coverage, winter sizing applications, tire pressure and torque settings, all bias ply tires are converted to radial sizing, and more. Rest assured your customers will have the most up to date and accurate vehicle data available with consistent updates.

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Dealer Cost Pricing

At Tire Guru we realize pricing is critical to your sales and profits. We understand that there are several ways to setup your pricing and have developed the most flexible pricing options in the industry, allowing you to provide consistent pricing strategies and the flexibility to control your profit margins. You can price items by gross profit, straight percentage, dollar amount, dollar amount plus gross profit, and/or use our pricing matrix to setup margins by cost range. We can even pull your costs from your suppliers in most cases and update your replacement cost to be used in your calculations automatically.

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Complete Retail Quoting

Tire Guru Tire Link is dedicated to keeping your customers on your website and not on your competitors! We have built in a complete retail quoting system to give your customers the tools they need to sell your tires. Your customers can setup their tax rates, add-ons such as wheel balance, valve stems, and tire disposal. They can setup their retail selling price based on their cost from you. Setting up their pricing by dollar amount, gross profit, for all Tires or they can drill down to specific groups within each manufacturer to set the pricing. You can even give them the capabilities to collect the customer name, address, phone, and email. When your customer prints or emails the quote to their customer it will be completely formatted to their business. These vital tools will help to increase your customers business and result in additional sales for you.

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Billing and Shipping Methods

Customize your own billing methods such as cash on delivery (cod), charge on account, credit card, "Ford around the wheel", "GM on a roll", national account, etc. Customize your own shipping methods such as east route, west route, north route, south route, will call, FedEx, UPS, etc.

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Shopping Cart and Checkout

Dealers can add as many products to the shopping cart as they wish; they can remove them from the cart, or continue to the checkout. The checkout system allows the dealer to have a separate ship to location, they can utilize a purchase order, select how they want the order billed (cod, charge on account, credit card, national account, etc.) and how they want the order shipped (route truck, will call, FedEx, UPS, etc), they can even put any comments they choose on the order.

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Order Tracking

Dealers have the option to see any open order or completed orders at any time. They can see the status of their open order (processing, order shipped, contact warehouse, order canceled, etc). They can even see every order that has ever been submitted, and reprint a copy at any time. There are even reports to determine when the order was submitted and when it was completed to track delivery performance. Dealers can setup employees to track on an order-by-order basis who is purchasing what products.

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Wish List

Wish lists can be setup to monitor products in terms of when they become available, as well as the price. Dealers can setup as many wish lists as they choose. For example: Create a wish list for hard-to-get items and then they only have to check one easy-to-read wish list instead of searching for each item individually. When items on the wish list become available all or part of the wish list can then seamlessly be transferred to the shopping cart.

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Tire Guru Tire Link has reports to help you analyze virtually all aspects of your business, from dealer sales analysis reports, inventory sales analysis, inventory movement, and much, much more. We also build custom reports for our Tire Guru Tire Link dealers. Providing you with the information you need and want in an easy-to-understand format.

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About Tire Guru

At Tire Guru Software, Websites and More we develop and support state of the art point of sale and business management software, ecommerce websites, digital vehicle inspections, and more. We are fully committed to the tire and automotive industry and to providing state of the art leading edge products for Tire Dealers, Auto Repair Shops, and Tire Wholesale Distributors. We strive to bring new and innovative products and technology to our customers year after year. Tire Guru employees are focused on building a one-stop complete business solution platform. We are proud to provide products that truly give our customers a competitive advantage in the market place.

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